My Inbox is Overloaded with 2018 Best Body SPAM

As we end 2017, I’m already seeing my inbox overloaded with emails claiming how to get the body you’ve always wanted in 2018. Now – I could go on a 20 minute tangent on how this feeds into what I believe is the #1 insecurity women have but I’ll save it. Instead, I want to share with you an interview I did with a reporter over at Healthline earlier this month. While the title makes it seem about barre instructor jobs (which I’m still surprised was one of the fasting growing jobs in 2017) – we have a deeper conversation on the marketing the fitness industry uses to pry on insecurities, the real secret to achieving overall fitness (#balance wasn’t trending in 2017 without reason), and once again why “long, lean muscles” are a misnomer and all muscle is lean.

I’ve included a couple excerpts below but click HERE for the full article 🙂

“The way we’re ending 2017, with everything going on in the news, making the push toward women having a voice and standing up for themselves, and an ongoing body positive movement, you’d think that women would stop focusing on what we’re looking like and more on the health factors,” she said.

“To achieve overall fitness, there has to be a balance of strength training, cardio, proper nutrition, mobility, and sleep,” Geisel said. “Those five things are going to make you the healthiest overall — and probably give you that look you’re trying to achieve.”

Xo, Pam

PS If you are looking for more on that “long, lean muscles”……here is an article that was specifically towards that!

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