Class Review: BBP Sunday Funday

Solace New York, located in Midtown, is the home to several different workout classes including HIIT, CrossFit, and our friends, Brave Body Project. BBP is a NYC based fitness community, but not just for the NYC area, because it is an online platform for workout videos, nutritional guidance, and more! The best parts of BBP are Amber and Lindsey, are the co-founders of Brave Body Project, who are some boss babes! Pam and I have attended both their pop-up workout classes and recovery party after the SHAPE Half Marathon- so much fun 🙂

Before I went into total vacation mode, B&B had a little Sunday Funday workout and attended their class at Solace. I had never attended this particular class, but having been to a pop-up class before, I knew I was in for a high energy, sweaty workout. At the last event with Puma, I’m pretty sure my abs were sore for 3 days… Moving to the beat of the music, the class works song by song to give you a total body workout. The warm-up gets your heart rate up and the rest of the class will definitely keep it up! With each new song, the class changed focus from upper body to lower body and core. To say it was sweaty is an understatement, but it was so much fun to workout with my friends.

The studio space is small (about 12 participants in our class) so make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time. Wanna check out one of their NYC based classes? See times and locations here!

❤ Louise

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