Tuesday Tips – lululemon bras

The secret it out – my guilty pleasure is definitely lululemon clothing! I wear it on a daily basis -specifically their sports bras! I have pretty ones to wear to the bar, I have supportive ones to wear for a run, I have strappy ones to wear with an open back – for every occasion there is a lululemon bra. HOWEVER, when laundry day arrives and I have 15 sports bras with wrinkled pads – I despise the task. I took my conundrum to the team at #lululemonRF and they came to the rescue! Here is a 3 step process to ensure you never have the wrinkly boob look – and to also prevent the tedious task for figuring out which way they go!

Step 1: Pull both pads out and locate where the size number is located. This number faces towards the sternum (midline) and the skin (inside).

Step 2: Fold the pad into thirds by folding it into itself (see image below). This will easily slide into the designated slot.

Step 3: Slide the folded pad into the bra, use your pointer finger and middle finger to flatten out the pad. Adjust as needed.

Practice makes perfect and I no longer dread folding my bras after laundry day!

Xo, Pam

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