Holding Yourself Accountable


noun: the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

Let’s talk about our goals; short term or long term, personal or career focused.

There are the ones already in progress and those we haven’t yet started to tackle. Focusing on the latter, take a moment to think about the “why.” Why haven’t you started? What road blocks are in the way? Which of those did you put in your own way?

When it comes to your job, you are held accountable to perform certain tasks whether it be a team project, working with a client, or attending a meeting. This is your responsibility and your boss and coworkers rely on you to make sure these tasks get done.

But who is responsible for making sure you achieve your own goals…?

Holding yourself accountable is often the biggest road block when it comes to achieving our goals. Using fitness as an example, let’s say you’re training for a race. It’s easy so snooze through an alarm for a morning run or prioritize other things on your to-do list above a workout. Is an external source of accountability the answer? Knowing your running partner is waiting for you at 6am or signing up for a class at a specific time? How can we find that intrinsic source of accountability?

Think about what motivates you. Visualize the finish line- literally of your race or that end goal. We never want to look back thinking “I should have done it this way” or “what if I really prioritized myself?” No one else is going to get you there; if you want to achieve it you’re going to have to work for it. That’s your responsibility to yourself. This is you holding yourself accountable.

You want it, you work for it.

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