Guest Post: CycleBar GC’s Newest Instructor

Let’s be real. Riding a bike like your life depends on it at 6am is rough. Add in the 5:15am wake up and 24 degree weather and it’s down right desperate. But when you step out of the shower at 7:05am–it feels fantastic.
This morning I took Pasqua’s 6am Cycle Bar class and loved it (in retrospect, of course.) We started sprinting from the get go and it only got more intense from there. There were two or three times during the class when I expected to catch a break; my hand hovering over the resistance knob ready to turn it down, but Pasqua’s count down to freedom ended with “now raise that resistance!” Damn it.
Pasqua’s class is hard, but she is upbeat and encouraging. She makes you want to raise that resistance and push that pace even when you don’t think you can–but that’s the thing. You can.

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