Race Recap: Broad Street Run 2019

Can I please get a sunny race day? *But not too sunny… make sure there are a few clouds out… and not too hot, but I don’t wanna wear a jacket…

Race day weather is something completely out of your control, but despite the gloomy forecast, thousands of runners and spectators came out for Philadelphia’s Broad Street 10 Mile Run! This was my first adventure to Philly for a race weekend and what a way to celebrate with the 40th Anniversary of Broad St.

Race morning came and the weather was less than ideal, but at least it wasn’t down-pouring 😂 As a newbie to Broad St, I was relying on my veteran friend, Sarah, to help navigate the way to the starting line on race morning.

Staying locally in Philly, there were basically two options to get to the start: ride share or subway. The rain was not making things any better, but it seemed like chaos at the start 😬 My friends and I split an Uber with another runner and were dropped off very close to the start line. Closely following Sarah (and the crowds of runners donning ponchos) we figured out where to go. Because it is a point to point course, you’re gonna end up 10 miles away from the start. Broad Street offers a gear check however we skipped that and went straight for the corrals, also skipping the wildly long porta-potty lines. With about 40k runners, corrals are important, however it seemed like a free-for-all with people being herded anywhere despite their bib color- it was clear this was not the NYRR organization I’m spoiled by!

The gun had gone off for the start of the race at 8am and the first waves were gone. We had been ‘trapped’ within the gates of a corral (that I’m still not sure if it was the right one) and suddenly we were being pushed to the start and taking off. Even 2 miles into the race, it seemed like dozens of runners were still trying to get to the start… not sure if the trains or poor planning are at fault here.

The uniqueness of Broad Street lies in it’s straight course which literally heads south down Broad St. with one little blip where we scoot around the statue at mile 5.5 (side note: my Garmin did get a little confused among the city buildings here). The course is fast and flat, with some negligible ups and downs in the early miles. My goal was to run evenly paced miles, see how I felt towards the end and hopefully pick it up. Running alongside Sarah, we were cruising and getting excited as the statue in the city center came closer into view. We knew this was just passed the halfway point and the only turn along the course.

Despite the constant rain throughout the morning, Philadelphia came out to cheer on its runners; from DJs and cowbells to live music and megaphones the course was totally energized. My favorite was the Temple University band which brought me life and I would love if they could just follow me on all my runs!

I was forewarned about the “1/4 mile to finish line” sign so I wasn’t faked out as I approached it. Strong and steady, just like the rain on the pavement, we ran a great race and I did one of my better 10 mile times! The finish chute was a little crowded and definitely muddy, but runners were provided with water, bananas, and plenty of Philly soft pretzels.

There are so many vendors with giveaways and snacks in the finish line area. We didn’t walk around much due to weather, but plan for some time to explore and soak up your run victory! We had a quick photo opp and popsicles which seemed like a good idea until we were freezing… Also, be prepared to walk another 20 minutes out of the finish area- the nearby subway station is a bit of a trek but free for runners on race day!

Who’s done Broad Street before? Any good race day advice?? Share in the comments below 🤗



One thought on “Race Recap: Broad Street Run 2019

  1. Janis says:

    I’m a Temple grad so I’m glad the band was there to give you that push!!! When I ran it a couple of years ago they were playing the school song as I passed by, awesome!!!


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