Event Recap: Tone It Up Tour

The fitness world seems to have exploded over the last week with all the fun and excitement of the Tone It Up Tour! TIU is a huge online fitness community and the two co-founders have taken the sweaty fun and brought it on the road. Obviously, we had to go! The first 4 stops of the tour were DC, NYC, Boston, and Philly. Pam attended NYC on Friday evening then we both traveled with our girls to Philadelphia for some meetups on Saturday and the tour on Sunday. Definitely recommend going to a meet up the day before- especially to go hang out in a new city!

Since there are still 11 more cities left in the TIU Tour, we wanted to give you our inside scoop to make sure you have an amazing time just like we did 🙂 Whether you are going GA or VIP, it is going to be so much fun. Just remember, this fitness festival is going to be what you make of it ❤

Step 1: Getting in line. Honestly, the line moved so quickly that it was smooth sailing into the venue. The line will get long though, so don’t wait to arrive until the doors open. We brought cards with us and played a few rounds of “Asshole” to pass the time. Once you get in, you’ll get your swag bag & bracelet then head to the stage and put your yoga mat down so you and your girls have a good spot together.

Step 2: Choose your activities strategically so you don’t have to wait in line. Zeel has massage tables set up for a nice 5 minute back massage 🙂 The line was short so we hopped on it immediately. Keep in mind there is also a braid bar (that line got super long and stayed that way all afternoon) and merchandise for sale. If you want merch then that has to be your first stop because they have a limited supply of sizes/colors of each item.

Step 3: Each tour stop has 3 workouts which are about 25-30 minutes long. Core Power yoga, an ass-kicking by Jillian Michaels, and some booty/core work with K&K. Feel free to skip workouts, branch away from your squad, and do your own thing! We skipped the yoga session and took that opportunity to hit up the photo booths, sample Krave and kombucha, make rose quartz beaded bracelets, and more! Pam and her cranky hamstring didn’t do much of the workouts at the NYC stop and had the best time ever! Partially due to the rose garden and in part due to all the amazing women who were all hanging out!

Step 4: If you have a VIP ticket then the rose garden is going to be a blast! They stamp your arm for meet & greets then call you by groups- aka no crazy line. In the meantime, you get to chill with your friends, drink rose, and hit up the denim bar. You can also come and go from the VIP area back out to the festival and peruse the vendors that are set up.

If you go in just looking for K&K, you’re going to be disappointed. This tour is all about the girls and the TIU Community. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with girls who may not live in your city or you have only spoken with through Instagram. Because Philly & NYC are so close, there were a bunch of girls we knew and also so many opportunities to make new friends!

PS: Bring snacks! There are food trucks stationed among the vendors, but if you’re ballin’ on a budget, you can bring in food. We brought almonds and protein bars to hold us over after all those workouts 🙂

Who else went to the TIU Tour this past weekend?! We would love to connect with you! Share your favorite part of the festival below ❤ Who is going in the next few weeks? Where? What are you most excited about?!

Xo, Louise & Pam


Event Recap: Sunset Yoga with HPS

This past Sunday we joined Kaley Young, owner of Hot Pilates Secret, for some Sunset Yoga. Kaley hosts events called “People Help the People” in which all of the money raised goes to a family in need. This month we were raising money for a boy named Jake who is currently fighting cancer at Sloan Kettering. Professional PT was also present with a ton of raffles and support staff.

The event was to start at 6:30pm so I rode my bike down and arrived around 6. This gave me 30 minutes to mingle with the lululemon RF staff, say hi to Kaley, and to begin my raffle decisions. I love raffles – and while I may have left empty handed – it was so much fun to get my arms length of tickets and place them towards the various prizes. There were also options to purchase luminaries for a loved one and to write words of encouragement to Jake.

The evening was perfect for yoga – the temperature had a hint of fall and the sunset was gorgeous. Kaley led us through a beautiful flow of positions with just the right amount of difficulty for this yoga newbie. I love to be challenged during my practice without feeling like I’m in over my head and Kaley did just that. We ended our practice by gathering in a circle and singing “this little light of mine” as a group. It was a beautiful evening for a special little boy.

After yoga was over, lululemon served wine as we all chatted and then it was time for the raffles to be drawn. There was an exciting group of individuals left as names were drawn and then it was time to leave.

Thank you Kaley and lululemon for a beautiful event. Your spirit and passion for helping others does not go unnoticed. This event alone raised over $10,000 for Jake and his family. We can’t wait to work with you to bring more love and support to others.

Xo, Pam & Louise


L: Saratoga Edition: Hadley Mountain & Challenge By Choice

The energy of Long Island is so charged and fast-paced that sometimes you need a little escape. This weekend I went on an adventure upstate to Saratoga to visit my BFF aka Miss Amanda. Another fitness enthusiast, we had a weekend full of laughs and workouts! Here is my exercise recap, trail review, and class review all rolled into one!

Living in a studio apartment, my home gym space is limited (free weights, medicine ball, furniture sliders). But Miss Amanda has a whole basement complete with a spin bike, squat rack, free weights, and my favorite, battle ropes! It’s basically my dream. Safe to say we got in a solid total body workout. #SweatingfortheWedding 🙂 We finished our home workout with a push-up challenge- all you need is a deck of cards!IMG_3035

Push-Up Challenge with a Deck of Cards
2-10: Do the number written on the card
Face cards: 10 pushups
Aces: 15 pushups

We alternated back and forth until we completed all 52 cards! Modify by cutting the numbers in half or performing the pushups from your knees.

The perfect workout that can’t be done on Long Island- hiking a mountain! Amanda and I headed a little further north to Hadley Mountain. I’ve only gone hiking maybe 3 times in my life, but I was very excited and I got to use my Camelback. The trail is steep at times and fairly rocky, but an incredible challenge! We completed our hike to the top in about an hour- it is definitely worth the view! It was a beautiful day so there were quite a few people out hiking. At the top is a fire tower which you can also climb for an even higher view.

The hike down took about half the time and my quads are feeling it today! Do you guys have any trails you love to hike upstate? Share them with us!IMG_3053

Bright and early at 6am, we headed to Amanda’s local gym, Challenge By Choice. This place is really cool and very team oriented. The workouts are HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style and the focus varies day to day. Lucky for us, Monday’s focus was on the lower half of the body, which needless to say, sure was a challenge after Sunday’s hike. Before the group workout even started, there is an extra challenge (called the Pre-Exhaust) which consisted of 40 burpees. Forty. Gym members are all on teams and earn points for attendance and extra activities outside of the class. I did the burpees with Amanda hoping to earn her team an extra point! No luck on that, but it was good moral support 🙂

Kevin led our workout this morning (with a killer playlist, might I add) which started with jogging and plyometrics around the studio. After that, we moved to our first of four stations and got to work! I was good for the first two rounds of station #1… we did 4 rounds. OH MY QUAD. But I loved every minute of it. Class participants have such a community atmosphere and were cheering each other on the whole time.IMG_3085

Jodi, the owner of CBC, is such a sweetheart and a great motivator! She was so welcoming to me as the newbie and encouraged everyone during our 45 minute workout. I highly recommend dropping in to try a class, or if you happen to live up there, try them out! I know on my next visit I will be coming back for more. Check them out, here!

Sweat. Rinse. Repeat.

Event Recap: Bootcamp at Bandier with Holly Rilinger

Maybe you know her as a face of Nike… Maybe you’ve taken one of her classes at Flywheel Sports… maybe you’ve seen her on Bravo’s Workout: New York… Ooor maybe you came and sweat it out on the sidewalk in Manhasset this morning. That’s what I got to do! 🙂

Bandier at the Americana Mall in Manhasset hosted a great event which was the perfect morning pick-me-up! Holly Rilinger instructed an outdoor bootcamp class right on the sidewalk in front of Bandier. Thankfully this rainy weather we’ve been having held off and we got our workout in.


We moved into each round of our sidewalk bootcamp with a quick demo, always keeping our heart rate up and our feet moving. Holly is such a motivating instructor! She took the time to learn all of our names and keep us pumped up because we were definitely sweating. Holly encouraged each of us to keep going, dig a little deeper, and truly challenge ourselves. After each round there were high fives all around 🙂 If you guys have never worked out with Holly, you are in for a treat! Go take one of her classes. Now!



Not going to lie, I was a few minutes late because I came straight from teaching my cycling class 😦 But this is the workout we did from where I jumped in! I hope it kicks your butt, too ❤

Holly’s Bandier Bootcamp Class

Round 1:

  • Russian Twists (feet off the ground for an extra challenge)
  • Inchworms with a pushup
  • High Knees (really drive those knees up high)
  • Plank

Round 2:

  • Diagonal/Curtsey Lunges (2nd time through- pulse it on one side)
  • Tricep Dips
  • Toe Touches (legs straight up, pull those abs in and reach up)
  • Skater Hops (side to side- just like in today’s Workout Wednesday!)

Round 3: Booty & Abs

  • Glute Bridges
  • Touch Backs (sit up tall, feet in front, then turn and reach one arm behind you)
  • Rockstars (like a back bend with one arm & working the glutes!)
  • Donkey Kicks
  • Bicycles (slow, then fast, and slow again!)

Round 4: Finishers! 30 sec rounds x2

  • Push-Jack (pushup, jump your feet wide then back in and pushup again!)
  • Squat-Jacks with a reach to the ground
  • Plank
  • Split Jog (like scissors forward and back but in a low, athletic stance)

After we took some time to stretch our muscles and catch our breath, our fabulous friends at Bandier had snacks for us! Recovery drinks from Montauk Juice Factory and chia bars from Health Warrior. Yum!

A huge thank you to Bandier Manhasset for hosting this wonderful event. FYI they are hosting fitness and health events every day this week (check out the schedule above). We’re talking Two Worlds cycling and mat classes, SLT on megaformer, and mini nutrition sessions… hellooo!

And a big thank you to the lovely Holly Rilinger for the killer workout this morning! It was such a pleasure to meet you. I hope to take another class with you soon 🙂

Get up and get sweaty,

Class Review: #AreYouBeachFIT?

Two things we love: working out and the beach.

Today we had an amazing opportunity to put both of those things together plus ten of our girlfriends joined us! BeachFIT Long Island set up a great bootcamp workout. It was a private group training session down on the beach in Long Beach. Our instructor, Mike, led us through a total body circuit that included both strength and cardio exercises. If you haven’t tried BeachFIT, you definitely should! Their studio is located in Oceanside where they offer small group training classes such as: bootcamps, pilates, and a variety of TRX-based workouts. When the weather is warm they also do classes in the morning down on the beach. Check them out here!


Our workout started with an introduction to our stations:

  • Medicine Ball Slams
  • TRX Crunches
  • Battle Ropes and Hurdle Jumps
  • High Plank with Sand Bag Pulls
  • Farmer’s Carry with Buckets of Sand
  • Kettlebell Goblet Squats with an Upright Row
  • Hopscotch Ladders
  • TRX Rip Trainer Jump + Press
  • TRX Rows
  • TRX Pushups

We did a group warmup with jumping jacks, squats, and running among other things. Once our bodies were warm and ready to go, we paired up and picked a station to start. Forty-five seconds of work with about 15 seconds to switch stations. Mike and Christina really encouraged everyone throughout the entire circuit. It is so important to have a cheer squad when challenging yourself! Quick water break then Round 2 of the same exercise circuit. Definitely broke a sweat! We finished up the workout with more group activities including: lateral squat walks, broad jump burpees, wall sits (bonus med ball pass!), and one final sprint down to the water and back! We high fived and stretched it out.

Thank you so much to Mike and Christina for the amazing workout! You guys definitely challenged us and we loved every minute of it! We had such a great experience and can’t wait to come take a class in your studio.

Louise & Pam


SoulCycle Roslyn: 5 instructors that changed my life!


If you’ve met me, you know I love me some SoulCycle. I love everything about it and if I had endless amounts of money I would go every single day. I took my first SC class more than 3 years ago and it is like a second home to me. The experience begins the moment you walk in the door. The scent of the infamous yellow candle (that I also own in my home), the inspiring mantras, the energizing music, and the athleisure lining the walls  that you immediately require in your wardrobe.The front desk staff is AMAZING (I want to be best friends with all of them) and the workout is one of a kind. SC is my therapy. During those 45 minutes I leave it all on the bike. I have laugh, cried, smiled, yelled, and wooooo-ed (yes I’m that girl) my way through more than 200 classes. SoulCycle has allowed me to celebrate milestones, mourn losses, train for marathons, and meet new people. I’m telling you – it’s life changing.

Okay, so I drank the koolaid. And I have zero regrets.

Here are my favorite five instructors at SoulCycle Roslyn. You need to go sign up for their classes ASAP. Each of them has transformed my life in some way and I am forever grateful.

  • Julie D- My original Soul mama and the definition of the mom/wife I one day hope to be. From the moment you clip in you are in for a journey. Her playlists are carefully selected to include a wide spectrum of genres that somehow seamlessly transition from one song to the next. She is also famous for her “crack jogs” that test you physically and mentally but leave you feeling like a badass. She sometimes selects riders to ride the podium bike and I find that so empowering. Once, I requested Destiny’s Child Lose Your Breath – because I love all things DC- and didn’t realize I was going to ride podium. I will never ever ever forget those 3:38 seconds. I don’t get to ride with Julie D since she is mostly in the city, but if you can snag a bike in her Wednesday/Sunday classes DO IT!!!!!
  • Casi- There is something so exciting about watching a rockstar develop before your very eyes and Casi did just that. I first took a class with her when she first began her instructor journey and then our schedules collided again months later for our second class together. I left that room speechless and in awe at the heart racing, beat pumping class I had just finished. Casi has an energy that dominates the room, her sense of humor is timed perfectly, and her music is infectious (even though this country girl rarely knows any of the songs). She also has one of my favorite arm series! Grab a bike and get ready to sweattttttt!
  • Amanda K- If only the scheduling gods would let me take her class more often! There was so much buzz in the studio when it was announced that Amanda K would begin instructing classes on Long Island. Let me tell you, she lives up to her hype and beyond. She is a powerhouse on the bike and provides you with one hell of a workout. One of my favorite qualities is her focus on form, which allows you to become the best rider possible! Her music is perfection and the class is so much fun that you don’t even realize the 45 minutes has gone by. If you want to book a bike in her class, make sure you are ready at 12 on Monday because they often fill up fast.
  • Sabine- Sabine is a favorite amongst my friends and that is because of her amazing personality and electrifying classes. She has a beautiful soul and you can tell immediately when you meet her. Her smile and energy makes you feel at home and extremely comfortable whether you are a seasoned rider or a first time newbie. She also drops motivational quotes throughout class that you take with you when you leave those doors. She wants to get to know her riders and make connections that are more than just 45 minutes on a bike. If you need some Soul in your life, Sabine is your woman.
  • Tomas- Tomas has a long history in fitness and he brings that knowledge to all of his Soul classes. Tomas means business as soon as the first beat drops and carries that all the way to the final note of the last song, all while having a dance party! His classes are well thought out with catchy music and choreography that tests your limits. I think he is a pop music master and I have added several of his songs to my running playlist because they make you want to move. He travels between Florida and NY so make sure you sign up when bikes open to catch one of his classes.

Who are your favorite instructors?! We will be having a B&B Soul meet up soon and I can’t wait to ride with all of you.

Xo, Pam

PS. New to Soul? Sign Up Here! Your first class is only $20 and it includes your shoe rental and water. I will also write a post on what to expect your first class so be on the lookout!