#cozumelcruisecrew Workout


NYC welcomed me home from an EPIC vacation with crazy turbulence and sub zero real feel. Current status- daydreaming about drinking margaritas in the sunshine and a one piece. I have a full recap of the weekend coming soon but for now I want to share one of my favorite highlights – leading 40 women through a bootcamp workout on the top of a cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. I was honored when Sarah (Founder and real badass of Dogwood & Co Retreats) asked me to lead the workout for her #cozumelcruisecrew.


The workout was held on Friday – our first full day out at sea! When we arrived at the sports court – the court was soaking wet and there was no microphone. The director of the court kept saying words like “delay” and “reschedule” – but we were all there ready to work out. So a quick modification to the workout to make it safe and a warm up of my vocal cords – it was time to F@&%ING GO!

#cozumelcruisecrew workout

*Warm Up: 2 Laps Each 


High Knees

Butt Kicks

*Circuits- 30s Each Exercise, 30s Rest, Repeat 3 Rounds 

Circuit 1

  • Step Back Lunge Left
  • Step Back Lunge Right
  • Squat Jumps

Circuit 2

  • High Plank Hold
  • High Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Thrusters

Circuit 3

  • Lateral Lunge Left
  • Lateral Lunge Right
  • Touchdown Jacks

Circuit 4

  • Squats
  • Squat Hold
  • Jumping Jacks

Circuit 5

  • Inchworm
  • Inchworm to Push Up
  • Burpees

If you give it a try – be sure to tag us!

Xo, Pam


Greetings from Vancouver

Greetings from Vancouver!!!!


It’s been a wild month. From the long LDW in Vermont with my friends, to a girls trip to Lake Placid, a birthday celebration in the vineyards in the North Fork, and now here across the continent in Vancouver for SeaWheeze. This month has been non stop and I am so grateful for each and every opportunity (however exhausting it is at times).

I’m going to be posting as much as I can over the weekend to share the experience with everyone – while also staying present in the moment. I figured I would kick off the weekend by sharing some pictures from my run around the sea wall yesterday to some first observations since taking off from LGA.



My First Impressions of Vancouver

1.Everyone seems really happy. No one is yelling at their cellphones, taming their crazy child, or beeping their horn because the light turned green .1 seconds ago.

2. Speaking of cellphones – I have seen almost zero people walking while looking at their phones – which is currently the #1 hazard in NYC. I wonder if this will change once all the runners arrive!

3. This weather is fall – and no one is prepared. I went for a run yesterday in a tank and capris and stopped by lululemon/Sephora at the end. Multiple people both in the stores and on the streets were concerned by my lack of clothing and shared their concerns with me. I went out at night in a sweatshirt and everyone had scarves and hats. Now don’t get me wrong – I am underprepared thanks to NYC being 95* the past couple months – but I don’t think it’s wintertime either.

4. The exchange rate is making me want buy all of the lululemon items – but I’m trying to resist due to that big W word happening next July. Whenever I get the urge – I’ll open my wedding spreadsheet as a reminder.

5. These people have it all. Mountains, beaches, city lights – watch out Al – I may have fallen in love 🙂

Keep an eye out for more to come!

It wasn’t you…it was me.


Hello B&B family – Pam here!

This is an odd note to write – I didn’t know this would happen. As you may have noticed – I haven’t been around since late spring. It was never my intention to take a break but it’s something I had to do. It’s funny because I pride Louise and myself on making it for two years – I know plenty of blogs that started and never made it past three months. But I reached a point where I was forcing myself to write, I wasn’t connecting with the posts, and I wasn’t enjoying it. It was in conjunction with the heat of wedding planning, the opportunity for a promotion at work, and a time of growth in my relationship. To be completely transparent – I should have been more open with Louise with what was going on. I can never thank her enough for holding the fort together while I sorted my way through life challenges. There was a reason we ended up on this journey together. It’s so easy to make it look like you have things together online – but it’s what is happening behind that scenes that really defines a person.

I don’t want you to think it didn’t weigh on me – it definitely did. I apologized to Louise continuously but I just didn’t have it in me. I was up until the wee hours while giving presentations on the importance of sleep. I was skipping workouts while speaking to others about the importance of finding a routine. I realized I had put myself last and I had to shift.

So it’s funny – I’ve been leading up to my 30thbirthday and not sure how I felt. I was both excited and sad. I know it’s not a big deal – but for me it was this weird transition period. My early 20s were not easy – actually I would say they were the ones that built the woman I am today. I’ve been pretty open on here about my struggles – my abusive ex, my drug use, and the skeletons from my childhood. It has taken a lot of hard work and introspection but I have worked hard to shift the dialogue in my head to appreciate the past – but focus on the future.

I am so freaking excited for what is to come. As I continue to grow personally and professionally – I’m so happy to share it with all of you. I AM BACK. I needed a little time, a little reflection, a little work but I am ready. Louise and I spent the weekend together and we have spent the time to enjoy each other and also plan for our future.

So this is my apology letter to all of you – and asking you to have me back. I cannot wait for all the adventures that are to come in 2018 and 2019.  Thank you for supporting us through the good times – and those that are a little harder.

Xo, Pam

NYC Half Race Recap 2018

Spring racing season is officially underway and my first big race of the season was this past Sunday as I took to the streets with 21,965 runners for the 2018 NYC Half. I have ran this race the previous 3 years but this year they launched a BRAND NEW COURSE. When the NYRR announced this new course, it wasn’t well received (but that’s because people hate change). I briefly looked at the course outline – maybe too brief because I had the finish line in the wrong place until the race expo *facepalm* – but overall I was excited for a fresh course. The main adjustment I made to my training was to make sure I ended long runs in Central Park on the identical hills that we would face on race day to ensure there were no surprises (AND IM SO GLAD I DID).

Here are my thoughts on the 2018 NYC Half! It’s a little more lengthy than usual since it was a new course in order to share all of the details!

Getting to the Start:

One of the biggest changes was that the race was now starting in Brooklyn and ending in Central Park – making the course a 2 borough race! This obviously adds a little time and preparation to getting to the race. I had originally planned to take the Q train but on Friday night a client offered for me to ride with him and his daughter in their private car. I got up at 5:05, I left my apartment at 5:20 (I waste no time in the mornings – sleep is everything), I took a cab to my clients building, and we departed there around 5:50am. I’m pretty sure we may have taken a scenic route to the start but it was smooth sailing until we got to Prospect Park. The traffic got a little hairy but we hopped out and passed through security in a pretty efficient manner. I do not check a bag so once I was through security I quickly found my G corral and hopped in around 7am. I was extremely happy to find the restrooms were lined up inside of the corrals. While it made navigating the corral itself a little tricky – it allowed all of the runners to actually get in their corrals while waiting for the porta. It was single file lines per porta potty so I waited in line for probably 15 minutes (but since I was in my corral I didn’t particularly care).

I will admit it was COLD and WINDY in the corrals. I think the official race start temperature was 28*. I made sure to have an extra zip up sweatshirt, sweatpants, a mylar sheet, and a hefty bag. My corral was set to go at 7:30 so I took my sweatpants off at 7:29 and I immediately regretted that decision. They did a staggered start so I probably didn’t actually start for what felt like an hour but it was more like 5 minutes. I kept my sweatshirt on for the first mile to allow my body to warm up a little.

The Course:

I LOVED the course – like LOVED IT! Yes – the old course was definitely a faster/easier course but it was not exciting to run down the West Side Highway to end downtown where all the businesses are closed because the course is ran on a Sunday (it’s a very M-F area of town). The race kicked off with a downhill start on a rocky Flatbush Avenue which carried us to the Manhattan Bridge. While I was at the RunCenter during the week – one of the coaches mentioned that you should feel like a caged animal during those early miles so I kept repeating that to myself to make sure I did NOT to go out too fast. It also helped that Flatbush Avenue was pretty beat up so you had to keep your eyes on the ground to make sure not to wipe out (which I did witness one person do).

Once we got to the bridge I couldn’t wipe a smile off my face because the views were spectacular. I had never ran across this bridge so it was quite a pleasant surprise to see how stunning it was. There was also a NYPD officer that was putting out some contagious energy!! Once over the bridge I knew I wanted to settle into my pace during our trek to the FDR. I’ll be honest I was dreading the FDR miles but once again I was pleasantly surprise. Once we made that left to head North – the views were again fantastic. We were running in the Northbound lanes so we were right beside the water and able to take in the views. At this point my watch went completely crazy and it was beeping at random times. While in the moment I rolled my eyes – it was a great lesson to learn. I could no longer use my watch during the miles (it would say I was running a 3:19 mile pace) so I had to truly listen to my effort instead. I stayed relaxed and we finally hit the left to run up 42nd street.

This was one of those moments that completely caught me off guard. The wind hit us in the face hard and it was a small climb for as far as you could see. I don’t quite remember when the hill finally peaked but when it did I knew the next turn we would be making would be up 7th Avenue so I used that to energize me. I was nervous about running North through Times Square instead of South as the previous course did. But to be 100% honest – I found it to be equally as magical. The crowd support did not disappoint and those city lights make you feel invincible. I once again could not stop smiling and then I looked ahead and realized that we were about to hit a climb again that would lead us up and into Central Park.

This is where I mentally got my mind right. Since moving into the city I have done repeated Central Park loops to prepare myself for moments like this. I knew once I hit the part I would be at mile 9, I would have a portion of the lower loop (rolling hills), see Al just before mile 10 at the Boathouse, and then would dig in for Cat Hill and the last 3 miles. At this point I knew that my race was going even better than I expected and that if I hung in there I could run a solid race. I ran the east side of the lower loop until I hit the 72nd transverse which led me to a quick downhill by the Boathouse which is where I located Al perfectly positioned in his designated cheer zone.

Next up – Cat Hill. It’s just about a 400m climb where I’ve done hill repeats during my training cycle. I knew that after the hill it was a pretty flat course to the 102nd St transverse where we made the left to cut over to the west side. While making the left I got a little boxed in and I had to slow my pace. Instead of freaking out – I took three deep breaths and reminded myself that I could do this. I knew once we ran across the transverse and we made the left on to the west side of the park it was only the 3 Sisters that stood between me and a quick downhill finish. I tried to keep an effort level of around 7/8 on the uphill and an effort of 9 on the downhill. Once I hit the peak of the 3rd sister I looked down and I realized that I could run a sub 1:50. I put on the jets and ran as fast as I fucking could – literally. About 100m left in the race I realized that my effort level was an 11 out of 10 and I knew this was everything that I had. I crossed the finish line with my second fastest time of 1:49:48!

The moment I finished I knew I was going to get sick so I darted to the side line and managed to throw up on the pant leg of a NYPD officer just in front of the Marathon Foto photographer. A medical volunteer was immediately there but I felt totally fine and assured him that it was purely max effort. I then found Michael Capiraso – the president of the NYRR and a friend – gave him a hug – and collected my medal. I collected my refreshment bag and I headed over to see my colleagues at the HSS Recovery Zone. Once I foam rolled and stretched and I walked what felt like 20 miles to Columbus Circle to exit and meet up with friends 🙂

I couldn’t be more proud of my race execution. My long run pace had been slower than ever before – but I also learned that it’s because I truly started to understand effort levels. My easy workouts were easy which allowed me to run my hard workouts hard (hello sub 7 intervals). I did manage to run a negative split race and these are my splits broken down into 5Ks , 26:51, 26:10, 26:11, 25:33, 5:03 for the last .7 mile.

Did you run the race? What did you think of the new course? Share below because I’m interested to hear!

Xo, Pam

NYC Half Race Weekend is Here – Race Day Prep!

What an adventure it has been! As we all know – I had to take some time off from running after the fall marathon season. We needed some time apart to let our relationship heal. Well now here we are – IT”S RACE WEEKEND!!! While NYC is not a goal race for me – I do want to have a strong performance to set me up for a dominating Brooklyn race in May.

Race week is always an exciting time. There is buzz everywhere you look and since I work in the industry – it also means some extra work obligations but I LIVE FOR IT! So now we are 24 hours out from toeing the start line so here is a little sneak peak of my to do list to ensure a successful race day!

To Do List:

  • Pick Up Bib from NYC Half Expo – Head on down to 125 W 18th St to indulge in the United Experience! Grab your bib, shop the race apparel, hop in a photo booth, and find your name on the wall.
  • Build Playlist – I am an avid music listener when I run (I know I know – races recommend that you don’t wear headphones) and a playlist can help push through those tough moments. I’ve been listening to Brave Body Project’s playlists on Spotify during training so they are included on my race day jam list.
  • Charge ALL electronics – Phones, watches, headphones (not for me – I still like the classic apple headphones) galore.  If you remember back to the NYC marathon – the outlet I chose to charge my devices was faulty and it created panic on race morning. WILL NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE TODAY.
  • Layout Clothes – This includes my race day outfit, throw away clothes for that dreaded pre race wait, and my post race I-May-Freeze-To-Death-Outfit that Al will carry with him (if you don’t have a cheer squad meeting you – please check a bag with a warm outfit). And don’t forget to take a flat for IG 🙂
  • Write Out Race Morning Plan – Start with the time your wave goes off (7:30 or 8:15) and work backwards to waking up. Be specific and leave extra time for the unexpected. Are you taking the subway? LIRR? Private car? Are you eating your breakfast at home or packing it with you? Don’t assume you will remember anything with race brain – WRITE.IT.DOWN.
  • Double Check Fueling – Speaking of breakfast – make sure you have it on hand! If you are fueling during the race make sure you have them packed including 1 extra (just in case you drop one!).
  • Visualize Race Plan – You’ve done the training and now it’s time to put your feet up, visualize the race of your dreams, and relax (maybe spend a little time on your roller!). YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Do you have any race day prep you always do before a race? Let me know below 🙂 Good luck to all of the runners!

Xo, Pam

Pam’s Favorite Cold Weather Running Gear

We made it to February – hallelujah. However winters past remind me that we are NOT out of the danger zone of cold, snowy weather (some years I feel like we are just entering it!). I never used to train outside through the winter months, I would take my runs inside to the dreadmill until the temperatures rose above 40*. Things changed last winter when I decided I wanted to try to run a PR in the 13.1 distance in the spring – thus I was required to bundle up and head outside. This year, after taking a few months off from serious running, I again decided to chase down a PR in a 13.1 (Brooklyn Half specifically). The secret I’ve learned – having the right gear makes ALL of the difference. Why I never bought a running jacket before now is unclear! After run testing more clothes than I would like to admit – and yes some I had to take back – here are some of my favorites!!!! (And if you want to know how to pick your different layers and stay warm – check out our post here!)
This.Is.A.Life.Changer. Seriously – if you don’t have this jacket and it’s still available in your size – go get it. It’s warm (800 fill power goose down *RDS certified*), water resistant, and has all the features you could want. A few bonuses – thumbholes and zipper vests in the chest for when things warm up!
When I first started running marathons – I went overboard at the race merchandise tent (hey – in my defense I thought I was only doing one or two – I didn’t know I was going to fall in love). Now I make myself pick two items that I really really really love and cut myself off. This past NYC marathon I grabbed this NB Heat Hoodie in a bright royal blue (my favorite color) and it immediately became a regular in my winter regimen. It has a waffle fleece lining, foldover mitten cuffs, thumb holes, and a hood that helps keep me super warm (*newer models have a ponytail slit and I won’t lie – I’m a little jealous mine doesn’t). On super cold days – I pair this hoodie with the jacket and it keeps me nice and toasty.
Finding cold weather tights is tricky for me – you want a pair that will keep you warm without restricting your movement too much. I have two older pair of tights that keep me warm – but they are a little stiff and I feel that restriction when I run. I tried a pair of brushed leggings from lululemon this winter but I didn’t find them as warm as I wanted. Finally – I found the perfect pair! The tech fleece fabric has the stretch that I want while providing the warmth that I need. They also meet my other two requirements – high waisted and interior drawcord. Only thing I would add next time – side pockets please 🙂

NYC Half Training Week 1

1 week down and 9 to go. I busted out of my running rut by kicking off my half marathon training on Monday. As you guys know – the end of last year was extremely difficult with unexpected surgery and the loss of loved ones. I was already struggling after the heartbreak the Chicago streets served me during the marathon so I already didn’t have any interest in running. Those things coupled together meant that I didn’t really exercise the month of December. However – every setback is an opportunity for a comeback. I’ll be checking in here every week to share my journey as I get back into my running self.

Here is my week of workouts!

Monday: 4 easy miles + core strengthening. I left my Garmin at home and headed out on a 4 miler through Central Park. It started to snow so the park was empty and serene. When I got home I ran through my basic core/glute exercises including bridges, planks, clamshells, etc.

Tuesday: Full body ST at Exceed Physical Culture. I really enjoy their classes because it’s a combo of kettlebells, TRX, rowers, etc.

Wednesday: Cat Hill Repeats. They’re back. I haven’t done this workout in a really long time and I knew it was going to be rough. Today I had a 1 mile warmup – 5 400m repeats with a 400m recovery – and a 1 mile cool down. My splits were 2:02, 2:08, 2:06, 2:08, 2:03. A total of 4.75 miles in 44:30. I also went to check out the local gym! I haven’t belonged to a gym in years but this one is less than 2 minutes from my home and I’m very excited. I did a quick 2000m row and back/core exercises.

Thursday: Full body ST at Exceed Physical Culture + Y7 Yoga

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: Blue Point Brewery 10 Miler! This is my second time running this race and the experiences were opposite – but the race party was equally as amazing (you can check out Louise’s recap here).  Last year I had maintained my running post marathon and I ran one of my faster 10 milers. Yesterday my assignment was to run a consistent, easy 10 miles and I tried to stick to the game plan. Most of my miles were around a 9:20 pace but when a porta potty emergency arose around mile 6 and I picked it up – I ended with a 9:10 average. I was glad when the race was over, a porta potty was found, and the post race celebration began.

Sunday: Y7 Yoga

Total for the Week: 19 miles (4 runs, 2 yoga, 3 ST (2 FB/1 UB)

See you guys next week!!! I’ll be sharing some other parts of my training this week!

Xo, Pam

Race Recap: 2018 10 Mile Run to Blue Point Brewery

My favorite race of the year! B&B kicked off our 2018 racing season with Sayville Running Company’s 10 Mile Run to Blue Point Brewery. Run all the miles, drink all the beer. This race has become my January tradition 4 years running. Every year I pretend that I’m training for it through the holidays, then forget to train for it, and run it anyway because it’s such a good time.

This year was especially important for me because I have declared 2018 to be my comeback year. After cracking myself in half in my Thanksgiving car accident, I was sidelined for too long. At first it was because I physically couldn’t do anything, then it became more of a fear of doing anything. Slowly I’ve been working back up with running and some strength training, but all of my #gainz are lost. Honestly, I’m a little wimpy. But no more, because I have set out to become the strongest version of myself. My goal was to run the whole thing- no walk breaks- just suck it up. I did it and I did it under my time goal!

As I was saying, this is my favorite race but it always has the worst weather. Every year it has either rained on me or been freezing. This year, we had mild weather for the run then the temperatures dropped during the post-race party. No worries though, the beer stayed nice and cold! This race starts by the Blue Point Brewery in Patchogue then winds through the neighborhoods towards the ocean and back to the brewery. The course is a flat loop with a few quick turns. Since I have run this race before, I’ve learned the course and have a few favorite parts. Mile 4 is always a party with a few people handing out water, beers, and shots! It’s a little early in the race for these shenanigans, but that doesn’t stop the party. Just before you reach Mile 7, the course takes a turn that runs right on the Great South Bay. Smile! This is the best photo spot on the course 🙂


The last turn of the race is a right turn and then a straight shot to the finish. Every year I find my boyfriend standing here #CheerSquad, then I bolt to the finish. The post race party is right around the corner (literally!) so it’s time to hustle. Post-race festivities include a huge heated tent with live music, catered food (sandwiches, pasta, bagels, and donuts), and of course, unlimited Blue Point beer! We didn’t have any luck with the raffles this year, but the giveaways were top notch. Last year was the first time they had finisher’s medals and this year’s were also perfect. A 2-in-1 medal and bottle opener- clutch. Another awesome upgrade this year were the women’s fit race shirts! Long sleeve race shirts are also very clutch.

Looking ahead on the race calendar, we are planning to run GLIRC’s new brewery race next month! It’s a Mardi Gras Run to Great South Bay! Registration is still open if you want to come run and party with us 🙂

❤ Louise